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Angelfish Diet


Freshwater Angelfish Food, Diet and Proper Feeding

Maintaining a proper diet is essential to keeping and breeding healthy Angelfish. Young Angelfish need good nutrition to grow to full size and be strong. It is therefore, very important to make sure the young Angelfish are getting good mix of food and are getting enough to eat.

Wild Angelfish are omnivorous and predatory. However in captivity they will accept most commercial prepared foods. Some of their favorite foods are brine shrimp, tubifex worms, white worms and blood worms. Angelfish can be healthy without being fed any live foods.

Koi AngelfishThese Angelfish will readily accept commercial prepared flakes and pellets. While can live off of just flake foods, they should be given some other foods to add variety to their diet. Freeze dried and frozen foods mixed in with commercial flakes and pellets will provide an ideal diet for Angelfish. Adding a few feedings of live foods to the mix will help to provide a complete balanced diet and healthy Angelfish.

Step by Step Guide to Keeping and Breeding Angelfish

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