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About Breeding Angelfish

Information About Keeping and Breeding Freshwater Angelfish

This site is an informational site that offers tips on breeding Angelfish. It isn't just about breeding, it offers much more. Visitors to this site will find plenty of information on keeping and caring for Angelfish. There is also information on where Angelfish come from, what to feed them and treating common Angelfish diseases.

This site will serve as a valuable resource to a beginner who is considering setting up an aquarium for Angelfish or even an advanced hobbyist who is looking to find so quick information on a specific area about keeping and breeding freshwater Angelfish. It doesn't matter how much experience you have with keeping aquarium fish. If you are considering setting up a tank to keep freshwater angelfish then the information from this website will help you. If you are considering breeding Angelfish then this site has some valuable tips for you.

This site is a personal project, created by a hobbyist, probably much like you. The information contained on the pages of this site has been researched and gathered from various books and online sources. I am not an expert on freshwater Angelfish, only an aquarium owner.

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