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A Guide To Keeping and Breeding Tropical Freshwater Angelfish

Tropical Freshwater Angelfish are one of the most popular cichlids found in the hobby today. Aquarium owners are drawn to them because of their unique, elegant appearance, their mild mannered disposition and their inquisitive nature. Angelfish do not shy away from people observing them in the tank. They will swim right up to the glass and come up to the surface of the water when it is feeding time.

Besides their elegant beauty, Angelfish are also a popular choice due to their hardiness and ease of keeping. With the right aquarium supplies, both first time aquarium owners and seasoned pros can keep a shoal of angelfish in a beautiful aquarium display. They will tolerate a wide range of water conditions and will accept a wide range of foods.

For people looking at breeding and raising aquarium fish, the freshwater Angelfish is also a popular choice. When the tank maintenance is preformed regularly and water is kept optimal, a pair of Angelfish will spawn often, producing thousands of fry.

This website is here to provide information on keeping and breeding freshwater Angelfish. If you're considering keeping an aquarium with these popular aquarium fish then the information here will help to ensure you have a beautiful aquarium with healthy, happy Angelfish.

Step by Step Guide to Keeping and Breeding Angelfish

Quick Angelfish Facts:

Origin: Brazil, Columbia and Peru.
Water Temperature: 72 - 79 degrees.
pH Range: 6.8 - 7.5
Social Behaviour: Peaceful but will eat small fish.
Average Size: 4 in.
Feeding: Accepts all types of foods.
Black Marble Angelfish
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